BattleTime Invites You Command the World: Capture Castles by Strategy

Friday, 25 December 2015




In varied strategy games, we usually spend much time to collet resources, build turrets, train army, etc. In past few days, Foggybus Ltd publishes a new strategy game which BattleTime which makes an impression among various strategy games. BattleTime continues with a fast pace. Players need to capture enemy’s castle in your fastest pace.


As a Siege-themed strategy game, BattleTime has a unique gameplay which differ from other similar games. Players should control the red army to capture castles in other color. But those castles have different abilities, like strong defense, product great attack soldier, etc. Once you capture a castle, your army will become stronger. When accumulating to a certain degree, the castle will upgrade automatically.


BattleTime provides four characters for chosen. Every character has unique skills efficient for specific technical situation. Players can choose to strengthen the abilities of attack, protect or speed after every upgrade. And you can also get coin rewards after each level. Those coins can be used to purchasing equipment and other items.


If you want to enjoy strategy games but have no time, you can lead your clan to the victory in BattleTime.