Pixel Bit Drift: Brings A Drifting Racing on The Water

Thursday, 24 December 2015




Many players who likes racing games must be excited about the cool cars and vivid scene. Most racing games have perfect graphics and smoothly operation. But have you even thought to have a drifting racing in a pixel game? Today we introduce Pixel Bit Drift to you.


The gameplay of Pixel Bit Drift is simple. Players can swipe the screen to control the boat’s direction via sliding to left or right. The only goal is controlling the boat pass the door. However, because of its size, the boat may crash to some obstacles and lost health points. If your health points decrease to zero, then, game over.


Pixel Bit Drift has two game modes: stage mode and speed mode. In stage mode, players will face various obstacles like lighthouse, steamship. Etc. And in speed mode, players will have 30 seconds at beginning. Time will add 5 seconds once one door passed every time. And game will end when the health points exhausted.


If you love drifting games or playing casual game every day, Pixel Bit Drift is a good choice to kill time.