The Last Banacat in Danger: Become the Rescuer to Save Them

Thursday, 24 December 2015




Cute cats always arouse our desire to protect them. In this Arcade game The last Nanacat, we will see the special Banacats who are timid. Now we need to help them to escape from danger. How can we say no to these lovely?


Here is the deal. One day, the volcano has exploded in the island. We need to help Banacat to continue their escaping to avoid this species die out. The gameplay is quite unique. Players swipe the screen in different direction to make roads for them.


The specific program is as below: if it’s a straight road, we can slid forward to the bottom. If the cats need to turn around, we should slide to left or right. Once we meet spines or obstacles, we must build a platform to avoid them. And because of Banacats can only run in frum-type, we should predict the shape of the bricks. Here has an important thing that each blank can only be filled with one brick. If we put the wrong one in, we will watch the Banacats falling down into the magma.


In addition, there has many froks on the road, we need to choose a safe way which has more banana and coins. Once we collect five bananas, the cat will run faster for a period to get high score. Coins can be used to unlock more Banacats with unique skills.


The Last Banacat is a casual game with simple gameplay. But if you are not nimble enough, be careful!