Final Resistance in Galaxy Recon: Break Out of the Encirclement of Alien Zombie

Thursday, 24 December 2015




UFO and Alien are not new topics in fiction, movie, game, etc. And they are imaged in various unusual looks. But here, we want to share you an alien-themed action game --- Galaxy Recon. In this game, your enemy looks like zombie more than alien.


In this game, you will act as a pilot of a recon ship. Your ship gets hit by a rocket when scouting. You have to use the power of future human’s technology to upgrade your weapons. At the bottom of the screen, there have to joystick to control direction and shooting. And as the setting of this game, our character looks quite funny when shooting. After defeating enemies, you will have opportunity to get coins and weapon. And those coins can also be used to upgrade your armors and skills.


Galaxy Recon takes adventure mode and survival mode. Adventure mode, or we can say stage mode, we believe most players can understand it. And in survival mode, our character can pass it once all zombies are defeated. More health points left, higher score you will get.


Although the operation of this game seems a little strange, it is full of humor too. We can say it is not a common shooting game. If you are interest in shooting, or alien-themed, you may have a try.