Slash Cube Comes to Google Play: Full of Dangers and Wisdom

Thursday, 24 December 2015




Once we mentioned rubik’s cube, many people may want to show off their speed to solve it. Today we will introduce you a new game about the cube --- Slash Cube. This game is not about how to solving cube or how fast you take to done it. It’s an adventure game in which you need explore the cube and escape from it.


In Slash Cube, our character stands on the surface a small grid of the 3D cube. Players can rotate the cube to change the angle for observing. And the character can be controlled to move by the buttons at the bottom of the screen. And it differ from reality is that character can move between different planes.


Except our character, there also have some props and enemies on the surface. Players need to keep moving to find a key to escape from this cube. Once we get the key, our character can run away from the grid which is pictured. But it is not an easy to find the key. The character’s energy will be exhausted by every move. When the energy decrease to zero, our character can’t move anymore and game is over. In addition, the character need to defeat the enemy to reach his grid. It’s another point which will decrease our energy. Of course, the energy can be get on the cube.


Although this game named Slash Cube, it is more interesting than solving a cube. It is worth to explore this seemingly simple game.