Game of Dice Updates with Christmas Themed Content

Wednesday, 23 December 2015




Many of us may have the thought of taking over cities, collecting tolls and out-wealth others around the world. Game of Dice gives you a chance to experience this feeling. Game of Dice is a RPG which ushers the winter update recently.


In Game of Dice, players can play as many characters, no matter be a telekinetic master or a contract killer. It is up to you. Except regular gameplay of buying lands, players can train and upgrades their roles to enhance the effect. In addition, using skill cards like high jump, ambush, etc. can makes you become the tide of the match. More details you can see in the description of Google Player Store. Here let’s pay more attention to what’s new in this update.


As an update for Christmas-theme, this update adds new available Christmas Season Map. And the hologram system is added. Players can create their dream skill card, diamond, and even character as they like. Below are more details about it:


“Join the competition in real-time and out-wealth

other players around the world!

1. New Christmas Season Map available!

2. 'Craft' Items!

3. Get Ready for Guild Match!

4. Enhance Dice to 6 Star!

5. Other Updates

- New Emoticon added

- Hologram system added

- New luxury shop open and VIP benefits upgraded

- Other minor changes”


If you want to go over the happy time of this game, don’t forget to update this game.