Action Game Blown Away Released: Start to Find Back Home

Wednesday, 23 December 2015




Black Pants Studio GmbH has published some puzzle games before. And in past few days, it published a similar game named Blown Away: Secret of Wind. Although the graphics style looks similar, these two games are totally different in gameplay. Let’s see the trailer first.



As a difference with previous game, Blown Away: Secret of Wind is an action game. The wind blows away everything of Hendrik but his shoes. This shoes has the ability of teleportation. Hendrik has to begin his adventure to find the scattered remains of his house. However, Hendrik will meet various obstacles and traps which are in danger. Fortunately, Hendrik has a teleporting shoes to avoid dangers. And the shoes have limitation. Players should charge your batteries and teleport Hendrik through the ever-moving levels.


In this game, players need to collect all parts of the lost house and find out the secret behind the wind. And graphics gives a feeling of fantasy. If you are interested in it, you can download and challenge it.