Space Jet: Come to Join the World Space Battle

Wednesday, 23 December 2015




In nowadays, space-themed game is not something new. But a space-themed game only has PVP mode don’t you want to know? Can compete with others all over the world? Does it arouse your interest? Today we will introduce such a game named Space Jet.


As mentioned, this game only has PVP mode which means players have to connect the network to continue this game. Players can match your opponent alone or form a team with friends to match. Each fight only allows ten players to join. And there has national flag logo before your ID.


The graphics is pretty good which presents the feeling of technology and science. The operation takes virtual joystick. Although there only has three button to control the direction, speed and bullet, it is not an easy thing to control the ship perfectly, especially for new players.


Of course, as a space-themed game, 20 unique battle machines are waiting for you in the store. You explore how to unlock and upgrade them in the game.


We can come to a conclusion that Space Jet is a great 3D shooting game no matter for the graphics or operation. If you are a fan of this kind game, don’t miss it.