Monkey Invites You to Be a Rescuer: Join to Construct ‘Pixel Tree’

Tuesday, 22 December 2015




In the first Pixel Tree mayoral election, Morris Monkey of the Animal Party wins the Human Party. Dinocooler Inc. brings us a new game named Pixel Tree which needs you to help Morris Money construct the town.


This town locates in a tree of pixel forest which with an endless amount of possibilities. Players can shake the tree to harvest pixels. Those pixels can be used to build houses in the town. Players can find the blueprints which hidden under the tree roots to build houses for the residents.


The first mission in this game is building a house for the frog and mouse. According to the rule, combining rooms will form a house. And residents will provides flowers to the tree to harvest more fruits. All of these will gain your pixels.


And players can control the weather in this game. Once the top button becomes to a cloudy shape, you can click it to change to rainy day which will improve residents’ effect to product more flowers. But don’t forget to give job subsidies to residents whose rooms have lightning icon.


Players can let various useful branches grow from the tree. And according to Morris Money, the tree will be taller and taller! Once day we will reach to moon. Do you want to help Morris Money to realize it?