Create Infinite Possibility by imagining: Design Custom-built Rover in ‘Solaris: Rover Expedition’

Tuesday, 22 December 2015




Many of us may have a dream to explore the Space. In nowadays, Solaris: Rover Expedition is developed by Fan Studio which provides us an opportunity to pursue this dream.


Solaris: Rover Expedition is not a racing game. It is all about how far your custom-built rover can go across the rough and rocky terrain of the planet. Players can install at most six wheels on each custom-built rover. And all wheels can be adjust the size. The challenge is to construct a vehicle which is able to handle several obstacles and get out of tight spots.


In this game, the only limit is your imagination. You can make the vehicle as weird and oddly-shaped as you can. And it will give you a change for a test ride. You can redesign it to run more far according to the result of the test ride.


Solaris: Rover Expedition contains single player or multiplayer mode. You can measures up against others can earn points. Those points can be used to enter the weekly tournament for a little extra challenge and competition. You can ask your friends to have a brain contest.


So, are you ready to go the distance?