Cartoon Defense 5: An Unexpected Adventure Released: Fight Against Dragon Again

Tuesday, 22 December 2015




Cartoon Defense 5: An Unexpected Adventure is the latest work developed by MolaMola Inc. It is a tower defense game whose gameplay is similar with Cartoon Defense 4.


In Cartoon Defense 4, the persona is not changed. Our hero defeat the dragon Kirimu in last game. And this game, Mukiti, son of Kirimu will come to revenge for his father. Our hero need to defeat all enemies and save the Cartoon World, before the dragon becomes awake to ruin the world. The graphics is more delicate than previous games.


The chariot is designed a little different than before. Players can see a vehicle which carries a hero and weapon. Players need to click the screen to control our hero to defeat nearby enemies. The weapon of vehicle will start to attack automatically. In order not to be so boring, the developer adds magic attack, strike, etc. to deal with enemies. More magic and attack mode can be unlocked by pass more levels.


In this game, the enemies will attack the vehicle in batches. If players can defeat all enemies before the vehicle is totally destroyed, then you can come to next level. With more levels are passed, the enemies will improve in quality and quantity. Then it is the time to update the vehicle and hero. Besides the normal mode, Cartoon Defense 5 also continues the small games like fishing and handbookinger.


If you are in a favor of defense action game, you can download this game to enjoy more powerful upgrade system.