Find out Suspicious Elf: Agent Elf Keeps the Peace of Christmas

Monday, 21 December 2015


Agent Elf.jpeg


With Christmas is nearby, more and more game developers launch or update some games for this festival. Today we will introduce you a casual game whose background is Christmas.


Before Christmas, all Elf in Christmas Village actively transfer many goods to be Christmas gifts. But some of them are misbehavior who mixes suspicious things into the gifts. And players will be the agent to find out the suspicious Elf and items to make sure the gifts will be sent successfully.


The gameplay is simple. The agent will automatically jump to move forward. Players can click the screen to speed them up. And there will have various Elf on the way. Players need to tread correct Elf according to the tips. If you tread wrong Elf, you will get a very low score. This game takes endless running and will be stopped once you are stumbled by obstacles. The higher score your get, the more coins you will gain. Those coins can be used to unlock more skins.


If you want to find a casual game which has a strong atmosphere, Agent Elf will be a good choice.