Waste in Space Coming: Fling in Space and Clean the Garbage

Monday, 21 December 2015




No matter on the Earth or in Space, garbage is an important which plagues us for a long time. And recently Moony Baboon announces to publish a casual game to clean the garbage in Space. And the trailer also be released by official. Let’s see how to clean them in this game.



The background is in 2026. In this year, garbage in Space becomes one of the worst & most important problems in the world. Every country plans to clean those garbage together. In order to combat this threat, a team named “super trained space scavengers” will launch into space.


And as we can see in the trailer, Waste in Space takes simple gameplay. Players can move macadam in the space to recycle them by using scavenger. Of course, players have another way to handle them. If you have weapons in Space, you can use them to destroy garbage. Then, it will become a shooting game.


Moony Baboon shows this game will be released on mobile platforms in this January. If you are interested it this game, please keep an eye on our later reports.