The Amazing Bernard Comes on Stage in Early 2016: New Trailer Released

Monday, 21 December 2015




Previously, Kumkwat has announced to publish an action game which is parkour-themed in this year. But the official shows this game, The Amazing Bernard, will delay to be released in the early 2016.


In this game, the character is Bernie who is a great adventurer. One day, he was trapped on an unknown continent which is full of danger. The only thing Bernie need to do is adventuring on this continent to find the way for escape.


Back to the trailer of August, Bernie shows us three skills without any detail. This time, we can see that all these skills are powered by one energy gauge. And how much the power gauge will cost depends on different skills. But the energy will be full again by keep running. The most important thing in this game is how to arrange limited power to pass narrow and steep place. Here is the new trailer of The Amazing Bernard. Let’s see more details about it.


Although Kumkwat doesn’t tell the exact release date, we can see that the completeness is pretty good. We believe we will meet this game in 2016 soon. Any further news we will update for you soon.