Dream Treats – Match Sweets: Several Disney Characters Matching with You

Monday, 21 December 2015




Disney has published many mobile games, especially match-3 games. Or we can say it’s another way to propagandize new films. At this time, Disney releases another match-3 game named Dream Treats – Match Sweets. But the difference is that this game’s theme is whole Disney fairy tales instead of one movie.


Dream Treats – Match Sweet is developed by the same team who did Frozen Free Fall. Now, players becomes the boss of various Disney-themed restaurants. You can product desserts by traditional match-3 gameplay.


Beyond all questions, the most anticipated thing is unlocking all Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Buzz Lightyear, Skeleton Jack, etc. They will be unlocked gradually after you pass certain levels. They will join your restaurant to serve customers. In addition, you can upload you and your friends’ pictures in this game to act customers.


Dream Treats – Match Sweets is a traditional simple match-3 game which is suitable for all ages. Its charming may be on those Disney characters. If you are a fan of Disney, don’t miss it.