Card Crawl Updates Finally Updated: Players Can Create Dungeon

Monday, 21 December 2015




In September, Arnold Rauers has announced to update Card Crawl in this year. We thought this would not be realized as there only half month left. However, the huge update of Card Crawl is released at this time.

Although the main gameplay is using item-cards and slaying monsters. But Card Crawl takes a new gameplay this time --- Roguelike which makes this game more challengeable. Players can use 5 ablility-cards in each turn. Those cards will brings unique skills to you. And players can unlock total 54 cards with different abilities by collecting gold.


In this update, 10 new ability-cards and the Deck Merchant are introduced. “The Deck Merchant brings you new Dungeon Decks and a Deck Editor with which you can play, share and create your own Dungeon Decks.“


Players now can enjoy the Daily Dungeon to get a taste of all ability cards.