Heroes of Order and Chaos Ushers New Heroes with Better Accessibility and Style

Friday, 18 December 2015




Heroes of Order and Chaos is a MMOG developed by Gameloft. The gameplay is simple, in which 3-5 players need to form a team to destroy the base of enemy.


Gameloft shows this is the biggest update of Heroes of Order and Chaos. After updating, players will experience a new smoother user interface. Except it, the ARENA is back with a revived redesign. And heroes will get a makeover gradually. And the most highlighted thing is that two heroes are added in this update: Frostzel and Lilit. Draeznor and Nuutt also get new skins too.


This update also includes a TOP 200 PLAYERS rank. Players can watch and learn how they master their heroes. In addition, players will get a card to get random reward after one PVP fight.