Rolling into A New World: Frank the Dillo Comes

Friday, 18 December 2015




Frank the Dillo is the first casual game published by Franco Bugnano. In this game, players need to help the armadillo to avoid all obstacle to reach the end point.


This game takes place in a desert which is in oil painting style. It seems to be a Middle-eastern theme. Player will master a cute armadillo named Frank to across several obstacles by rolling. Players can adjust the direction and degree by finger. And there has no doubt that this game is not easy to go. Except the various landform, obstacle and traps which will hinder you, players also have to collect the gems scattered across each level. If you roll out from the road or want to continue next rolling, you will cost a gem for a chance. If you spend all gems before you reach the destination, you have to restart this game from the beginning.


There has total 8 original levels in this game. Just need to pay $0.99, you are able to challenge this game.