Come in Monochrome Nostalgic Adventure: Into the Dim Gives You New Experience

Friday, 18 December 2015




Although more and more games pursues beautiful frame and special effects, some games in retro-style are still popular in this environment. Today we will introduce you an adventure game which are in this style. If you are keen on RPG games like Microgue, then Into the Dim may be right up your alley.


As positioning as a RPG game like Roguelike, Into the Dim contains many gameplays, including puzzle, adventure and even similar to Sokoban game. Players need to control the character to do two things: avoid or defeat enemy and come into the dungeon and mysterious room.


During the adventure in the dungeon, the character will meet many different enemy. Players should make different plans to defeat them according to enemy’s unique features. The character can take long-range attack by gun or close quarters combat. Although long-range attack seems safer, the bullets are limited.


Into the Dim also has more interesting gameplays are waiting for your explosion. You can get more fun when you experiences this game by yourself. All in all, this game is worth to play. Even if just for reminiscence, you can spend time to have a try.