Real Plants vs. Zombies Comes True: Recreation Facilities Will Launch in US 2016

Friday, 18 December 2015




In the near future, Plants vs. Zombies will not only be a game on PC or mobile platforms. You will enjoy a real fight with zombies at amusement park in 2016. Is it exciting?


Cedar Fair recently announces will cooperate with Electronic Arts to building a new recreation facilities in Carowinds theme park and Great America theme park. Absolutely, the facilities are all about Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. Cedar Fair’s headquarters locates in Ohio, and has managed 14 theme parks. The total income of this company has over 12.3 billion dollars.


EA shows that these facilities will combine the technologies of 3D, IMAX and Power Seats. Players will become two different teams to have a 5-minute garden warfare. The team which win higher score will be the winner.


Official says this kind facilities only costs several million dollars which cheaper than roller coasters. And they can rewrite the program to update new content. Cedar Fair emphasizes to interact with players. They will put many cameras in the facilities. Players can choose their interesting pictures in App after finishing the game.