Ketchapp Keeps High Yield: The Walls Comes to Google Play

Thursday, 17 December 2015




After releasing Twist at beginning of this month, Ketchapp publishes another game soon. The Walls looks like Twist in the role and images. But it’s quite different with Twist in playing method.


Players will challenge stage mode in this game. It will bounce between the walls and follow the patch until players find the exit. Players just need to tap the screen to control it. But players should hold on the right moment to move the ball to next patch. There has no time limit in this game which seems not too difficult. However, the balls move very fast which needs you pay more attention to catch the moment. With more and more levels passed, players will face more and more obstacles. It’s hard to keep 100% correct in higher levels.


As same to other games of Ketchapp, The Walls also puts many diamonds as rewards randomly. Players can collect them to unlock new balls and try not to fall off the edges.


Will you guess how far can you go?