Rune Guardian Released on Mobile Platforms: Rolling Forward in Correct Position

Thursday, 17 December 2015




Rune Guardian is a new casual game of SPYR Apps. This is a mysterious 3D puzzle game in which players can unlock the power of the sacred runes. In Rune Guardian, players will help restore order to Kilarin to thrive the beautiful worlds.


Each levels are composed by many blocks and easily to handle. Players can swipe to move the runes in blocks. But because of the limit of the scene, players must pay attention not to fall off the edges and stall tall on a bridge. Once you fall through it, you have to restart this game. And due to the tunes are orthogonal, the distances will be different if you roll it in different directions. So players may spend a lot of time to adjust it to right position to pass the level.


With more levels passed, this game will go from easy to complex, like moving runes to open a blank door, laying in flat position to avoid collapse, etc. And the moves will be limited which needs players planning the route carefully. Of course, if stuck, you can take advantage of hints, or ships to aid in your adventure.


Although this is a puzzle game, it tests players’ strategy in each levels. If you have confidence about it, why not try this game?