The Washington Post ‘Ignore Its Proper Occupation” to Publish Floppy Candidate

Thursday, 17 December 2015




Do you still remember an interesting game named Flappy Bird? In past few days, a similar game is released which takes it as a template. Even more surprising, this game is published by The Washington Post. This characters in this game are candidates of 2016 American presidential election.


This game takes 8-bit pixel as the Flappy Bird. Players can choose any candidate which has his/her individual challenges and sounds. Players can collect coins on the way and continues the campaign by answering quiz questions. At present, six roles are available for chose: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. More candidates will be added later.


Floppy Candidate not only test your responding ability, but also challenge your news knowledge. If you want to hear candidates’ voices in casual game? This may be your first choice.