Stachey Bros Comes to Challenge Your Brain: Matching Game Needs to Consider Landform

Thursday, 17 December 2015




Generally speaking, matching games which includes landform elements always challenge players’ sense and ingenuity. Recently, Ritter Mobile published a casual game Stachey Bros also in this style. Let’s see more detail together.


The gameplay is quite simply. Players just need to bring the same color objects together to dissolve them. You can utilize the walls to sure the ball will come to the destination. But we should know that all levels are increasing difficult. If you want to dissolve all of them, you need to take a little time for thinking.


In addition, this game also has some gears. Some of them can help you to dissolve them more quickly. But another ones may end the game at once.


In a word, this game is easy to play, but very hard to master. If you are keen on difficult puzzles, don’t miss it.