MARVEL Future Fight Revised on Android: Spider-Man Joins the Team with Many Clothes

Thursday, 17 December 2015




MARVEL Future Fight is a RPG game which themes on the heroes of MARVEL. Recenetly Netmarble Games updates this game in IOS and Android. Spider-Man joins the team and brings seven total new clothes this time.


This game takes EPIC 3v3 battles. Players can choose three heroes as like to against opponents’ team for supremacy. And those heroes are in unique hero types: combat, blast, speed, universal, etc. Players just use the virtual control pad to change roles and guide heroes through the incursion and defeat your foes.


Below are the new features of this update:


1. New Characters - Spider-Man Series

- Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Gwen, Silk

2. All-New, All-Different Series 7 Uniforms

-Spider-Man, Sister Grimm, Gamora, Captain Marvel, Captain America, War Machine, Black Bolt

3. New 6 star skills for 4 characters

4. Enhanced character level-up to acquire new skills and enhanced gear.

5. Daily and Bonus Missions are merged.

6. Dimension Rift can be entered at will.

7. Villain Siege stage can be selected at will.


If you are a fan of MARVEL, don’t wait to download this game to join the fight.