Healling Puzzle Game Hipster Maze: Solving Mazes for Cute Fashion Sheep

Wednesday, 16 December 2015




Hipster Maze is a casual puzzle game which subjects as a cute sheep. It is a fashion sheep both in thoughts and dress. This sheep wants to find its deal continent. So players need to piece mazes together to achieve his dream.


The rule is not hard to understand. Each level will have an incomplete maze map. Players need to put the block into the maze to complete it, which is at the bottom of screen. So the sheep will get an unobstructed to come to the end point.


Hipster Maze is very easy to handle. And all levels are designed by the well-known game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia. The levels go from the easy to the difficult and complicated which test players’ ability of spatial thinking. There has one thing must be taken into consideration--- the block must be put in order. You can rotate it by clicking. And each map may come a wolf randomly. Players must avoid it.


Let’s help this unique sheep in his quest of finding the next big thing!