Fallout Shelter Updates with Pets: Puppy is The Protagonist

Wednesday, 16 December 2015




When more and more developers decorate their games for Christmas, Fallout Shelter recently joins them with another new festival update. At this time, Bethesda Softworks LLC brings us some pets as new company.


These pets are not as same as previous pets which have to be get via special card bags. All of them can be get in common card bags randomly. And common card bags are not changed, just add these pets as rewards. New added pets includes various species of dogs and cats.


Each pets can be arranged to an owner which seems like outfit equipment. Although those pets look soooo cute, their main function is more than that. Pets can makes their owners keep a good mood and high-efficiency. If the residents’ happiness value is not enough, players can try to arrange pets to them. In addition, each pet has its own skill, like double the radiation treatment effect, add 30% chance to pick up more garbage, etc.


Except those pets, this update also add other new elements: residents get more sentences for communication; selling useless equipment via “Sell All”; and dislodge lazy residents instead of kill them.


Fallout Shelter has been updated. Players will get a new pet randomly once they login the game after updating (other pets need to get in card bags). And the Christmas relevant Christmas theme has added too. If you want to enjoy those new function, don’t wait to update it.