Live Up to Cute Pets and Delicacy: Serve Up! Bagel and Friends

Wednesday, 16 December 2015




What are the most impress things in girls’ heart? The best answer must be cute pets and delicacy. If a game includes this two wonderful elements. That couldn’t have gone better. Now, let’s take time to know this great game: Serve Up! Bagel and Friends.


As a casual game in the style of illustration, this game may bring us new experience. There was once a cute dog named Bagel who lives in a candy forest. However, Bagel and his friends come to the kitchen in the forest and become delicacies by accident. Now, players need to click on the food which appear inside the window. After Bagel and his friends has enough food, they will return into food! But if you feed wrong food to the animals, they will become to monsters. At this time, players need to swipe to the left side of the screen for the next animal. Besides, players can earn more gold to buy other animals.


If you want to kill time breezily, you can try to download Serve Up! Bagel and Friends to have a try.