Pokaboo: Find the Best Solution by Using Sokoban Thought in Matching Game

Wednesday, 16 December 2015




GlobZ is quite good at developing weird atmosphere puzzle games. Recently, GlobZ publishes another game in this style--- Pokaboo. The playing method is similar with the well-known game Sokoban.


Pokaboo seems be to a simply haunting puzzle game. Players just need to join blobs of the same color together. However, with the more and more levels are passed, players will realize that previous boxes are those colorful blobs which are at every corner of the scene. The hardest thing actually is from the limit of walls. Players need to use the limit space and protect the route perfectly to finish some difficult levels. But in first part, the wall is not existed which may be regard Pokaboo as a match-3 game.


Another difficult thing in this game is that players can only go forward, no walking back allowed. Many operations are irreversible. Players must be careful when projecting the route. Although the ghost can also push them, it can push the boxes from one side to another side (the protagonist will move with the boxes). That is mean that you can move the blobs to anywhere without limit.


Pokaboo doesn’t emphasize the uniqueness of passing levels. Ghost can move without limit. Even in the most difficult levels, players may pass them by accident. However, after passing several levels, you will find more stars are need to unlock next world. The most challenge thing is that using as less as you can to move the ghost. Players still needs to use logical thinking and reasonable arrangement to pass them.


Although this game has been released on Google Play in past a month. We still suggest players who likes puzzle games don’t miss it.