Frozen Free Fall Continues to Update: Endless Map firstly Show Up

Tuesday, 15 December 2015




Although the Disney film Frozen has ended for a long time, its official game Frozen Free Fall never stops to be updated. With the updates of winter and summer’s seasonal puzzles and game modes, the latest update is about a new thing--- endless map.


Frozen Free Fall is a match-3 game which is similar with Candy Crush Saga. Player need to move three or more ice crystals in same color to remove them, and can also test the matching skills with extra challenging objectives. Or we can say this game doesn’t innovate too much in playing method. But its development is quite close to the storyline of the film. It’s a pretty good gift for the fan of Frozen.


In this update, Disney adds more 170 levels and an endless map. This map takes place in spring which has nothing to do with the film and extra episode. Although it’s said endless, players still need to pass levels one by one. But the levels in spring season are more than in winter and summer. Besides, this update allows players to receive helpful gifts boxes by matching near sparkling trees. Players can open the boxes to clear the board.


However, the endless map is as same to other maps which is not free to come into. Players can enjoy the endless map by purchasing in the game or pass all 45 levels of summer season. But comparing to pass 285 levels to come into summer map, endless map seems easier than before.


Frozen Free Fall can be regarded as the beginning of Disney’s matching games. It keeps updating in China and other countries. Recently, it is reported more news about it. We will update more details to you later.