‘Winter Games: Tallest Snowman’: It’s Not Easy to Make

Tuesday, 15 December 2015




Once we reference winter, we will not forget one thing--- snow. We can make a snowman or have a snow fight with our friends. However, some areas can’t see snow in winter. Now, let me recommend you a casual game to enjoy the fun of making snowmen.


The background is full of the winter atmosphere with white snow. Players need to control the snow balls which are falling from the top of the screen. It’s quite easy to handle this game. Players just click the screen to let the snow ball falling down. However, it’s not an easy thing to let the snow ball falling right above others. Once a snow ball inclines, you have to start this game again. The most important point of this game is prognosis. If you predict the falling point correctly, you can superimpose snow balls without limit. But with higher and higher the snowman is, the snow balls will waggle faster and faster. Once you feel dangerous, you can put the head of snowman on the top to save your score.


Winter Games: Tallest Snowman tests players’ prognosis capacity. Want to compete with your friends? Download it and have a try.