Rusty Desert Survival 3D: Experience Way of Survival Like Bear Grylls

Tuesday, 15 December 2015




There has no doubt that many people are admire Beal Grylls after watching Man Vs. Wild. Today we will introduce you an interesting game which can let you experience survival like Bear--- Rysty Desert Survival 3D.


This game takes place in a once active island. But because of the demon who captured dwarfs, this island becomes desert instead of used green blooming valley. Players need to help dwarfs playing this game to defeat the demon. But firstly, you need to know how to keep your living in the desert.


In the beginning, players will get a package, which includes little weapons and food. Before we find the demon, we need to collect various resources and fight with many hostile creatures. And all hostile creatures will be our food. But players have to pay attention that the bullets are limited. Once bullets are used out, players can only use knife to kill them which is easily get hurts. So we can come to the conclusion, saving all resources is the most thing to keep a living.


As for many players, the most enjoyable thing is finding new source in survival games. If you want to experience the fun of survival, don’t miss this game.