Classic Strategy Game World at Arm Update: UI & Graphics Optimized

Monday, 14 December 2015




World at Arms is a classic strategy game developed by GameLoft. As a production of GameLoft’s simulation Strategy game, World at Arms is impressed because of its brilliant graphics.


In this game, players will battle globally, in the sea’s depths, on the ground, and in the air. World at Arms adds some player-control elements in the uncontrolled turn-based mode. For example, if there has some oil tanks or blocks when fighting, players need to click to explode army or get closer to army. During the fight, some boxes may appear for heal, protection, gain experience points or earn incomes.


However, World at Arms is an “old” game which was published in 2012. In order to fit present players’ require, GameLoft “decorate” this game in this update. The buildings and terrains are upgrade with the effect of pixel light, reflection. The resolutions is higher than before.


Below are the new features of this game:

- Real-time pixel lighting.

- Environment reflections.

- High-resolution images.

- Redesigned Buildings & Units.

- New Ground, Air and Underwater battle terrains.

- Reworked Ground and Underwater bases -- new building and terrain textures.

- Improved visual effects -- lights, water, explosions, smoke and much more.


If you like simulation strategy game, you may give a try on the updated World at Arms.