Republique Will Update This Thursday: Episode 4 Finally Come About One Year Later

Monday, 14 December 2015




Since Republique released in 2013, Camouflaj keeps publishes new Episodes every once in a while. The latest update of this game is Episode 3 which is released in the end of 2014. After more than one year later, Camouflaj finally announced to release Episode 4 on December 17th, which named God’s Acre.


In Republique, there has a girl named Hope, who trapped inside a mysterious totalitarian state. P layers need to connect with Hope by laptop, surveillance cameras and various mobile devices. In addition, players need to hack into the state’s elaborate surveillance network and take the control, then guide the girl escape from there.


In Episode 3, Hope is escaping underground most of time. The biggest change of Episode 4 is that Hope will come to the ground. Players will only need to challenge a Grounds man. However, the man has multiple personalities which will slow down your escape plane. He may suddenly breaks the window and come to your region, or appears when you are climbing. The most important thing is that Hope can’t take any tool or equipment to fight against the Grounds man, and has to keep sneaking in the whole journey. Players will have new challenges under the new content and new rule.


It is reported that God’s Acre will be released on PC and IOS/Android platform in the same day. If you are a fan of this game, don’t miss it.