Lost Horizon: Adventure in Shangri-La, Has Released on Google Play

Monday, 14 December 2015




Lost Horizon is an Adventure puzzle game. It takes place in 1936. Players need to follow Fenton Paddock, who dismissed from the British Air Force, to trace an expedition. However, the Nazis will send a task to Tibet to stop Fenton and his ex-girlfriend Kim to find the lost explorers.


In this game, players will fight against with the Nazis with Fenton and Kim in Shangri-La. They not only have to come across cold jokul and dry desert, but also need to avoid the capture from Nazis. Besides, players must solve all secrets under the mountain depends on their brain.


Lost Horizon is operated by click, which is very easy to handle. With more and more answers are found, players will have opportunity to explore the finally secret of Shangri-La. With enjoy clever riddles, beautiful graphics and full voice acting, players will visits exotic locations all across the globe.


This game has been released on Google Play now. If you are interested in Adventure games or wonderful scene, you can come to have a try.