New Characters Gained in Land Sliders to Celebrate Christmas

Monday, 14 December 2015




Christmas updates are still going on in these days. Land Sliders may be one of the latest big names who does a makeover because of Santa-inspired.


As a casual adventure game, Land Sliders is quite easy to play. Players needs to collect enough props in several obstacles to pass the level. And different characters need to collect different props. Like the new member reindeer, it needs to collect enough bells to go to next level. Besides, total 15 characters are added like Santa Claus, the gingerbread man to celebrate Christmas.


And the second update gift is a “Christmas Quest” scavenger hunt. Players may meet a giant Christmas tree which surrounds with gifts and a collectible gift box. The collectible gift box contain one of the hidden nine, although only certain characters are available at certain times.


In this update, it introduces addition character-specific abilities. If you level up, you can earn coins and an increased perk related to the character in question. Each character has its own ability and playing as that character automatically gives you their perk.  Another important update is that players can continue the game instead of start the game from first if fails.


If you don’t experience Land Sliders before, now is the best time to do so. Give yourselves Christmas gifts in this game earier.