Minecraft: Story Mode Update Before Christmas: Boss Will Be Defeated?

Monday, 14 December 2015




Telltale Games finally decides the update Minecraft: Story Mode’s EPIC 4th Episode--- December 20th, 2015.


In Episode 3, Jesse and friends find the last member of legendary Order of the Stone--- Soren. With other’s help, you and your friends finally let the boss “keep quiet” for a period. However, it resurrects and tries to destroy land, trees and humans again. Jesse and friends have to leave to avoid attacks. In the trailer of Episode 4, all conspiracies of the story will gradually surface. Can Petra be rescued? What’s the history of the boss?


All answers will be get in Episode 4 in next week. This can be regarded as a Christmas gift from Telltale. Episode 4 is named A Block and a Hard Place. Jesse, Reuben and other members will continue to fight again the boss.


It is reported that the boss will be defeated in Episode 4. If it is true, everyone must be curious about what will going on in next episode. The final episode will be released in the early 2016. But first, let’s look forward to the Episode which will be released in next week.