Dungeon Hunter 5 Update after Almost 10 Months: When Ice Christmas Collide Hot Desert

Friday, 11 December 2015




The famous RPG Dungeon Hunter 5 has no any update after publishing by Gameloft in March. Recently, Gameloft announces to add new content to version 1.6.0. It is nearly 10 months of this game to update.


In this update, Gameloft gain a new mission which takes place in a desert. Players can explore the nuns’ temple to experience new storyline. And in order to coordinate with the Christmas, there has a two-week competition in Dungeon Hunter 5 to celebrate the festival. Players can get special Christmas equipment and footmen from the competition. In addition, this update also increases three new armor equipment and several powerful items. The more important thing is that a totally new dungeon with new traps are waiting for your challenge. Players need to defeat the Gatekeeper and get Ashkardian Tickets. The Ashkardian Tickets will provide players a new stronghold or 4 new missions.


The update has finished on Google Play. If you have installed this game, don’t miss this change to get more equipment.