Collect the Funny Bunnies: Challenge your Inertial Thinking

Friday, 11 December 2015



As we all know, inertial is the inherent attributes of objects with quality. In our daily life, not only those objects, we, human beings, also have inertial and may judge something under it. Today we will introduce an interesting game to verify it --- Collect the Funny Bunnies.


This game is quite easy to play. You just need to control a hat at the bottom of the screen to get all kinds of bunnies. This game takes stages mode. Every stage only has 60 seconds. It sounds very easy? Here comes to the point. In the 60 seconds, players only allows to get bunnies, NO any other items, like bombs.


With the development of this game, the bunnies will fall faster and more in quantity. Of course, other items will gain like bunnies. Although more falling items are bunnies, but we bet you can’t control yourself to get bombs. If you don’t believe it? Why not download it to have a try?