Ski Safari 2 Update for Christmas: Gingerbread & Reindeer Company to Away Avalanche

Friday, 11 December 2015



With more and more games update to celebrate Christmas, Ski Safari 2 doesn’t miss this change too. Let’s see what’s new about the latest update.


Firstly, the change must be the background and decorations. Ski Safari 2 adds some claptrap elements to accent the festival atmosphere, like Christmas tree, candy cane, etc. As for Sven's sister Evana, developer allows sliding the slopes with the tasty candy cane skis or the delicious gingerbread board.


Except the background and decorations, more updates are about the clothes and 40 new challenges. And it’s worth mentioning that all items about the festival will be sold discounted until the New Year. If you are a fan of Ski Safari 2, don’t miss this chance.