Lineage 2 Adapt to Mobile Game: Will Release on IOS/Android in 2016

Friday, 11 December 2015

In the past few days, Korean developer NCsoft released a trailer of Lineage 2 and announced to adapt this game to mobile platform with Netmarble later. Lineage 2 includes two IP projects: Project L AND Project RK.


According to the trailer, we can see that Lineage (mobile version) is a clear strategy RPG which continues the features of Lineage 1. Players can control this game through virtual buttons. And the frames are full of classic European nostalgic style. Official shows more features will be adjust to adapt mobile devices. So players can relive this game on their mobile phone later.


Project RK Lineage: Red Knight


The game of Project RK is named Lineage: Red Knight. This game will continues the outlook of Lineage. In above trailer, official doesn’t show any actual frames of this game. But we suppose it may be in a cute style for all ages. All roles and monsters in Lineage will meet us with more lovely style in Lineage: Red Knight, which must bring us a different feeling.


As we know, the background of this game is 200 years earlier than Lineage 2. All classic elements like blood system, siege warfare will be inherited in mobile version. And players can even summon monsters to fight with enemies.


At present, NCsoft only sure Lineage (mobile version) will come into test in the early half year of 2016. And Lineage: Red Knight will also running at that time. We will update you the latest news later.