“Glory of the King”(王者荣耀) Available in KOPLAYER Now

Friday, 05 May 2017

As a popular Chinese Mobile Game, 《王者荣耀》(Translated as “Glory of the King” in the following) not only became a national game, but also attracted the attention of foreigners. Unfortunately, the Official said, they would not publish the international version. Here, the download link of Glory of the King (王者荣耀) are prepared for you by KOPLAYER: http://apk.koplayer.com/download-com-tencent-tmgp-sgame-for-pc.html

Just click your mouse to enjoy the game in KOPLAYER (http://www.koplayer.com/). And one more tip for you, VPN should be connected to make the game run more smoothly.


After install the APK into KOPLAYER, you will see the log in page. The green button means to log in with WECHAT account (http://www.wechat.com/en/), while the blue with QQ account(http://im.qq.com/). We recommend you to log in with QQ, there is a discussion group (627613934) for you in QQ. Join in the team and share your experience with other players. You can also get help in the website of Glory of the King (王者荣耀): http://pvp.qq.com/



Click the yellow button as you have read and accepted the users’ agreement.



You can chose a zone as you like in the blank marked by red box. Then click the blue button to enter the game.




In this page, you can input your name and click the blue button to make it as your name in Glory of the King (王者荣耀).




This is the tutorial for new players in Glory of the King (王者荣耀), click anywhere on the screen to go through the tutorial.


After all of the steps above, you can enjoy Glory of the King (王者荣耀) with KOPLAYER!