The Sandbox 2 Launch in This Month: Together to Build New World

Thursday, 10 December 2015


BulkyPix and Pixowl has announced to publish a sequel of The Sandbox which named The Sandbox 2. This game has passed a beta test before. Recently, another new test is released with more details. It seems that The Sandbox 2 nearly complete. Let’s see what the new details are.


As a cool game, The Sandbox 2 allows players to control falling sand and other materials like glass, wood, soil, stone, fire, water, etc. It takes 2D pixel style instead of 3D mode. Players can create their own ideal world in this game. The newest version brings us a new mode, online gallery mode, which get global players together to create a unprecedented pixel world.


Except online gallery mode, The Sandbox 2 adds two new roles: Caveman and Gaia. Official shows Caveman can actually be controlled. Caveman differs the default role with capacities. Players can use Caveman to a world which must be influenced by his capacities. According to the trailer, we are not sure Gaia can be controlled or not. But she must play an important role in this game.


The Sandbox 2 will be released on IOS and Android platform in this month. And the newest beta test is going on. If you are interested in it, you can go to its official website to join the test. And we will update its news for you later.