Super Mario Run: 10 Tips to Boost Your Skills!

Monday, 09 January 2017

Now that there are over 2,000 Toads living in my kingdom in “Super Mario Run,” I feel qualified to offer tips to all who are seeking to expand their kingdom. Thankfully, there is still more to unlock in the shop (and anyone who has been playing the game frequently knows that trying to hunt down all the colored coins becomes addictive!). Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you out.

1. Want an advantage in “Rally” mode? Use a character other than Mario!


When you are Mario, you can take two hits before you get bubbled. However, when playing as other characters in “Rally” mode, instead of growing larger when you find a mushroom, you gain 5 coins instead. This means you can only take one hit before being bubbled though, so it requires more skill because you have to make less mistakes (so as to avoid falling behind!)

2. Jump hard, jump fast, jump often.

Practice your jumping in “Tour” mode if you want to be victorious in “Rally” mode. Landing as many thumbs-ups as you can from the Toads in Rally mode can help give you an edge at the end when it’s time to tally up the points for the run. Jumping from a high platform and landing with another jump will give you more points at the end because it is more impressive to the Toads in the audience. I can’t tell you how many times I beat my opponent’s coin count, but because they were more stylish with their jumps, the points they netted at the end from the Toad audience count allowed them to surpass me and beat my score, if even only by a few points. You can practice your jumping in the “Tour” mode, so get out there and focus on your jumping poses everyone!

3. Jump on as many enemies as you can!

A well-known hallmark of the Marioverse is everyone’s favorite pastime of jumping on the heads of Mario’s enemies. You should keep this philosophy in mind for both the “Tour” and “Rally” modes, because jumping on enemies fills a gauge. Each enemy has a gauge you can see at the end of each stage. By filling an enemy’s gauge, the enemy becomes worth more coins over time, to a maximum of 3 coins. This can be helpful when you’re trying to save up for an expensive item in the shop. Additionally, it is beneficial to jump on enemies in “Rally” mode because it can help you to reach the “Star” mode faster (ultimately allowing you to have total victory against your opponent and nabbing you tons of extra coins!).

4. Attempt to chain-jump on enemies for additional coins.

Jumping on several enemies in succession may net you that one or two extra coins that you need to buy that shiny new flag to put next to Luigi’s house.

5. If you need more rally tickets to play “Rally” mode, be sure to invest in the “Question Blocks” found in the shop.


The question blocks are not just for looks! Tapping on the question blocks in your kingdom will give you additional rally tickets for free.

6. Similarly, build the special “Toad” houses for once-a-day bonus games!


There are 3 bonus games you can play, and each of them has the potential to net you extra coins and rally tickets. The special Red Toad house is a moving block, slot-machine-like game. The special Blue Toad house is a randomized path stage that I have only won a Rally ticket from once. The special Yellow Toad house is my favorite, and it is nearly guaranteed to net you at least a few “Rally” tickets and plenty of additional coins. Build this one as soon as you can, because it is a shooting fountain of coins and tickets that you run back and forth to nab while avoiding the fireballs.  It’s the easiest to play, and the most rewarding.

7. Hone your skills in “Rally” mode to increase the size of your kingdom and unlock new items in the shop.

The “Tour” mode is a lot of fun, but I have found myself spending a lot of time trying to gather as many Toads as I can in the “Rally” mode. Much of the game is about unlocking new characters and objects, and playing “Rally” mode allows you to gain access to new sections of the kingdom to build upon.


8. In “Tour” mode, you can throw yourself into a pit to go back and nab that colored coin you may have missed…

Be careful though, because you are still racing against the clock, and mind where you pop Mario’s bubble. Can’t tell you how many times I popped too close the coin and ended up passing it again.


9) Time your jumps to hit two question blocks at once.


This is applicable for both modes, and can help you net additional items and coins alike. I have gotten several stars this way, and stars make everything easier, especially when you aren’t forced to chase after the one star that is heading towards an open pit (along with your hopes and dreams).

10. Replay your “Rally” matches if your score was pretty close.

If you have a score that is within range of your opponents at the end of losing a “Rally” match, do a rematch. Chances are, a few additional jumps and enemies could net you those extra points needed to win. Additionally, you always gain more Toads than you lose, so it’s to your benefit to try again.

Remember: Super Mario Run is an easy game to play, but can be difficult to master. Practicing all of the “Rally” skills in the primary campaign can go a long way to making the game’s mechanics more intuitive to you in the long run. Good luck out there, and keep running!