Diablo-esque Action-RPG Shadowblood Now Open Pre-register

Friday, 06 January 2017

The awesome action-RPG Shadowblood is coming to Western audiences and pre-registration has now opened. By signing up players will receive in-game loot on launch day. The story is that long ago on the continent of Narr, the gods created the lands and a peacekeeping dragon named Arcand was set as watcher over it. In time Arcand grew lonely and wishing to see his creators again performed a summoning ritual. Things went awry and when the gate opened the dark god Belzav escaped. For a thousand years they battled before Akande triumphed over the evil Belzav. Not all was well though. Before being sealed away, Belzav cursed Arcand by linking their souls.

The curse ate away at Arcand and the evil dragon's spirit slowly consumed him, transforming him from the protector of Narr into its tyrant. It has become the job of new heroes to rise up against this fallen dragon. These newly gathered heroes are called the Shadowblood. As a member of Shadowblood players will be able to choose to from three unique classes. There'll be an Assassin, an Archer, and a Berserker, each with their own specialties.

Players will be able to fight through 100 levels of a campaign mode filled with monsters and bosses along the way, or challenge others in a one-on-one PvP mode called the Bloody Battlefield in order to earn rewards and coins to upgrade and customize your characters to aid in the quest of conquering the evils plaguing the land of Narr.

Shadowblood is set to arrive around the middle of January. Pre-registration is now live and available here.