Bomb All Enemies in A Maze, Blast Blitz now Available for Android

Thursday, 05 January 2017

Released by PolyPandas, Blast Blitz is a new endless game that's been released on to Android. In this game, players will assume the role of a nameless robot who seeks to navigate an endless maze. The layout and much of the games visual aesthetic is clearly inspired by Crossy Road.

Players will use taps and gestures to navigate their robot around the obstacles, and to try and avoid enemies. Unlike Crossy Road though, the robot can made to move continuously, until either hitting an obstacle or given new directions by the player. In a twist, players can also set time bombs to detonate, and thus remove colored blocks that prohibit passage, and they can also be used to eliminate enemies.


- Destroy walls and make your own path
- Timing is everything
- Awesome power ups
- Unlock fun and crazy characters
- Chain reaction blasts

On the other hand, some of the enemies will be setting the same time bombs, in the hopes of catching the player's robot with it. Regardless of who placed said time bomb, players do have the option to kick it away, should all else fail. Players can unlock other characters, utilize power ups within the maze, and earn coins within this game the as well.

Blast Blittz is available for free from Google Play. Players can choose to watch video ads that will allow them to continue, or earn coins to spend. There aren't any IAPs available within the game.