Stupid Zombies 3 Wear New Clothes to Celebrate Christmas

Thursday, 10 December 2015

With getting closer of Christmas, more and more developers update their games for the festival. Game Resort also update their Stupid Zombies 3 without exception. As for their update, all zombies wears new clothes and Christmas for celebration.




Stupid Zombies 3 is not a traditional shooting game. In this game, all zombies can’t move at all. But players get a gun which can shoot spring bullets. This kind bullet can catapult around because of physical rebound, so every bullet should do its best to beat most zombies. The most important thing is, players can only shoot one time in each shot. No matter how many zombies left, the role will run to next shot. However, the demand to beat zombies in every level is harsh to achieve. It’s not an easy thing to get high score.


Besides the decoration for Christmas, this update also add 20 new levels for players. If you want to experience Christmas in advance, you might as well say hi to these zombies.