Taichi Panda updates with fresh content

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Taichi Panda updates their MMORPG with fresh content for all! There are some festive goodies in vision and function. According to Snail, each logged-in player should receive $ 10 worth of game content. It's all good, but what's in the snowstorm update?


The Battle Never Ends with Cross-Server Challenge:

We are launching a new cross-server challenge that allows players to find and challenge their opponents on all servers and provide all new one-on-one fights for PVP-loving players. Players are divided into three power-based positions and are free to challenge anyone in the same rank. Prove yourself worthy of glory in a series of intense 1-on-1 confrontation in the Tai Chi Bear's Snowstorm Update!

Start the New Year with Wealth and Fortune:

Snowstorm Updates has once again optimized Avzar's guild system with all the new wealth and wealth features! Players can access the game map from the guild interface, and use wealth and wealth to obtain rich rewards. Available items include gold, siderite, fine fossils and bonus bags. Awards can be obtained from the mailbox.

Mow Down Ancient Enemies with Modern Mount:

The latest version of "Tai Chi Panda" in the form of tanks to highlight the ancient magic and modern technology integration. With its powerful look and unparalleled power, this is a great choice for any player seeking to send shivers on their enemies' spine.


Taichi Panda's Snowstorm is updated instantly and can be downloaded at any time. If you want to check out this game, you can free download Taichi Panda to leave Google Play.