Some Crazy Numbers for 'Marvel Contest of Champions' 2 Years Celebration

Monday, 19 December 2016

Marvel Contest of Champions has been an undeniable success, and that success has translated into some crazy numbers. In celebration of the game's two-year anniversary, Kabam has put out an entertaining video that really puts these two years in perspective and shows just how popular this fighting game has been. Players have logged in almost a billion hours so far and have opened 7.3 billion crystals. There are currently more than half a million alliances with Summoners from over 240 countries with the game being played on over 87 million devices.

In terms of specific heroes, Spider-Man has seen 145 billion fights, Captain America 575 million, Blackbolt 573, Storm 543, and Rocket Raccoon 309. I have to say, I'm impressed - though not really surprised - at how many more fights Spider-Man has had over all the other heroes. There are some other fun numbers to look at here, but one thing is clear; Marvel Contest of Champions has been a great success.