Upcoming Shoot 'em Up 'Hawk: Freedom Squadron' Will Bring Co-Op Destruction

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Vertical shoot 'em ups remind me of the days I used to go to the arcade next to my house and spend all my quarters. Arcades might be pretty much gone by now, but the genre has flourished on mobile because of how well the touchscreen is suited for those type of games. Hawk: Freedom Squadron is an upcoming shoot 'em up ready to blast its way onto iOS and Android in early 2017. What this game has going for it is the ability to play co-op instead of just going at it all by yourself, a feature that should make it stand out among most games in the genre.


You can either play with a friend, or if you lack any of those, you can have a random wingman fly by your side. You could even do the whole campaign in co-op if you so desired. The game will also have an arcade endless mode that gets harder the further in you are. I like the idea of a co-op vertical shoot 'em up, so hopefully Hawk: Freedom Squadron will be fun to play.